Tuesday, 25 June 2013

That Abzat review report - exclusive

Hacked from the servers at WattsWrongWithThat, here is the email that Willard Anthony Watts sent to anonymous posted Abzat six weeks after the receipt of his manuscript.

Dear Mr Zat (can I call you Ab?)

Thank you very much for your submission. I am sorry that I have taken so long to respond but frankly I couldn't make much sense of what you had written and that's saying something when you consider that I have to read all sorts of crap from Monckton, Voisin, Spencer, Tisdale and that tedious engineer Wallace Eschenbach.  Perhaps writing in green crayon and putting it all in block capitals wasn't the best idea. Invest in a computer, then you can type it out.

Speaking on Monckton reminds me that some of our readers are quite elderly and do not appreciate being reminded of their bodily functions.  And remember that we like to pretend that we are up to date so going on about a conference that was held in 2010 makes us look a bit out of touch.  I know we are out of touch but we don't have to let on. And going on about it being in Hawaii doesn't look good since Gleick leaked other accounts at Heartland. By the way, did youngest your invite for the Heartland gig in Germany?

Can you please not talk about human decency, not since I let Dave Stealey loose with the moderator's password. He wouldn't have anything to do unless he could be nasty to people. I'll have a word with him when we put yours up since it will give him a chance to be rude to all those who say that your piece is crap. I know they're right but where's the fun in agreeing?

So, in conclusion, your submission is full of unproven assertions, personal opinions and is so badly written my pet snake could have done better. But since there are only so many times anyone can read those twittering a of Wallace, I shall post it. Do you think you can write some more?

By the way, don't bother sending me your rejected paper, the one you're so bitter about. We don't want science spoiling our site.



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