Sunday, 31 January 2016

When will climate deniers admit the game is up?

There's a handful of committed climate change deniers around the world who are both publicly visible and notoriously wrong.  The "famous" ones you can easily list: Watts, Delingpole, Monckton, Spencer, Jim Steele, Nigel Lawson, Willis Eschenbach, Tim Ball...  There's some more but my keyboard is already feeling sullied by merely having those letters typed.

I am guessing that, since 2015 didn't conform to their expectations, that 2016 will probably bury them.  Senator Cruz, currently in second place in the Republican Ugly Contest and likely to be disappointed in his attempt to make Hillary Clinton electable, held a mock trial in the Senate at which it was repeatedly claimed that the satellite data was the best for knowing how the temperature of the planet and that didn't work so well.  Even the people, well some of them, that work on the satellite data came out to tell the world how unreliable it really is.
Who'd have thought?

Not the usual suspects.  They are clinging to the last vestige of denial.  As global temperatures go up, the avenues for denial get closed off.  A year ago, the poor pickings for the deniers focussed on the idea that there was some uncertainty over whether 2014 was the hottest year on record.  When 2015 smashed the previous best, the uncertainty thing was no argument at all.  Cruz got the denial rebuttal in early, but it went like a failed firework.  A bit of fizzing noise, a little smoke then nothing.  I wonder if they will adhere to the firework code and not return to a firework once lit.

As temperatures go up and it becomes more obvious as time goes by that the global temperature is increasing, all that is really left for deniers is simple abuse.  Even the insane ramblings of Lord Monckton and his endlessly repetitive non-pause articles are likely to have to end soon.  No warming since.... will be replaced by warming.  Nick Stokes has calculated what increases in RSS figures is needed to make a significant warming trend.  As we know, Monckton's non-pause is a non-physical reality based maths thing.

Time will tell but when the last pillars of denial fall, so will the denial empire.  Antony Watts will be left with a handful of deluded deniers for company, endless sockpuppeting their comments.  Their last remaining hope is to elect a climate science denying president who can legislate that pi = 3 and win their false argument that way.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pause shortens by one month, says Monckton. Yawn.

If it were a real pause, it wouldn't be shortening, would it?  It would be over.

Go here to see the latest in Monckton's repetitive dribble.

And in case you wondered, Monckton has his starting point this month at May 1997.

Where was it last month?

Was it
a) April 1997
b) March 1997
c) February 1997
d) May 1997

Yes, folks.  It was exactly one month earlier, March 1997.  Oh.  What?  That's two months earlier.  Another starting point but if it were one month shorter, surely...   Never mind.  Monckton is exercising his right hand on the keyboards of his mathturbation calculator.  It isn't real.  It wasn't last month and it isn't now.

PS  2015 was the hottest year on record.  Bar none.  Tamino can count.