Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pause shortens by one month, says Monckton. Yawn.

If it were a real pause, it wouldn't be shortening, would it?  It would be over.

Go here to see the latest in Monckton's repetitive dribble.

And in case you wondered, Monckton has his starting point this month at May 1997.

Where was it last month?

Was it
a) April 1997
b) March 1997
c) February 1997
d) May 1997

Yes, folks.  It was exactly one month earlier, March 1997.  Oh.  What?  That's two months earlier.  Another starting point but if it were one month shorter, surely...   Never mind.  Monckton is exercising his right hand on the keyboards of his mathturbation calculator.  It isn't real.  It wasn't last month and it isn't now.

PS  2015 was the hottest year on record.  Bar none.  Tamino can count.

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