Thursday, 13 June 2013

Congratulations to the world's premier anti-science site

TWUT recently passed the 150 billion counter mark as seen by the far right.
Guest Post By Ra Ra Rasputin, the third Mad Monckton Of Park Bench

The world's most viewed site on anti-science garbage has recently passed the 150 billion hits mark so may I be the first to congratulate Willard on managing to get every single person on the planet to view the site, some of them more than once.

Of course, far be it from me to produce another list free from real content but I'm going to do it anyway.  Let me know when all you can see are my toenails.

The reason the site has been so successful is simple.  But that's enough about the repeat visitors.  Here's some ideas I had while eating my soft boiled egg with toasty soldiers this morning:

  • It posts cherry picked pseudoscience devoid of real references and open to such simple criticism that any simpleton can debunk it
  • It distorts the science and economics of climate change, and if that doesn't convince, it goes for name calling.  And it doesn't give a stuff about polar bears.
  • It does not take sides. One side is enough.
  • It does not censor any comments by anyone critical of it, except when it does.  Then it also resorts to name calling.
  • It is about as tolerant of trolls as my hay fever suffering granddaughter is of grass pollen.
  • It is unfailingly honest, to the point that when mistakes are discovered, they are either totally ignored or whole posts are deleted without acknowledgement of the fact.
  • It is bang up to date. So many things are posted in a single day that you can't hope to keep up with which one is the most stupid.  And occasionally something from 1993 is posted without Willard spotting it.
  • It never gets off the point, except when Willard thinks he is being funny and Wallace and Gromit are off their heads on cheese again.
  • No tax payers money goes into it.  Not a cent.  Instead it is paid for by dodgy charities with multinational oil and tobacco money behind them.
  • It is totally ramshackle.  It looks like someone has knocked it up as a 4th grade project in computing.
Above all, I can read it all day long and no one thinks I am reading Fifty Shades Of Green.

[Note: This is unsolicited garbage by Rasputin.  I didn't ask him to write it but since he had a spare couple of minutes while the butler put the olive oil spread on his muffins and couldn't think of anything else to do, I thought it was kindest to humour him and post it when he sent such a sycophantic, gushing and downright brown-nosing piece to me via email - Willard]

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10 trillion responses to this pile of drivel

Sycophant @ 0.001seconds
Brilliant piece, Mad

Wallace Andgrommitbach @ 0.002 seconds
The best thing you have written since the note to the milkman before you put the cat out last night.

Dr Frank Spenser @ 0.003 seconds
  The volcano's done a whoopsie in my beret

Chinesereader @0.004 seconds
Those reports from the Heartless Institute, we're publishing them so that real scientists can have a laugh. 

and so on and on and on

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