Friday, 14 February 2014

So farewell then, James Delingpole

Hot on the heels of denier Bob Tisdale, another denier is riding off into the sunset.  Little James Delingpole, blogger for the Daily Telegraph, has hitched up his wagon and is heading off for I know not where, and, frankly, I don't care either.  You see, Delingpole is one of those strange kinds of denier: he denies climate change without actually knowing what he is denying,

Don't believe me, here's the man himself in his valedictory Telegraph  blog:
And thank you most of all to those of you who have supported me through thick and thin. Thanks for your technical expertise and advice (it prevented anyone ever noticing that I'm an English graduate and know NOTHING about science apart from, maybe, how to grow copper sulphate crystals);
Sorry to disillusion you, James, but no one was taken in by your ignorance. No one.  No one with an ounce of scientific learning, beyond making a few copper sulphate crystals obviously, was fooled into thinking you had the slightest clue what you were talking about.  I won't humiliate you further by posting that pawning you got at the hands of Sir Paul Nurse, a real scientist with a real Nobel Prize to his name. I am sure you have seen it often enough.

I suspect, like Tisdale, that you won't be quiet on the denial front for long, but perhaps you could spend some time getting GCSE science under your belt at least before you start talking about climate change again.

The quote above suggests something to me. Perhaps you are a closet warmest who has been trolling all along.  Has it all just been a game?

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  1. You're a much nicer person than I am, I wouldn't wish him 'farewell', I'd say 'good riddance'.

    What convinced me that he was a true believer in much of what he wrote, including climate change, was that I pointed out on his blog that he and his pals were wrong on some issue, I forget what. I later received an email to the address I had used on the blog, which simply said that I was wrong. That's way too much work for a troll, but fits with the mindset of a true believer, to bother digging up the email and send one to it, without any possible reward or exposure.