Monday, 18 November 2013

Great granddad is a star

Tonight my dad found the unequal struggle against cancer too much.  He has, in the words we've chosen to use with my not quite four year old granddaughter, gone up to be a star.

I was blessed to have him as a father, someone willing to support me in my many enthusiasms, those fleeting and those permanent. 

I was blessed that his taste in music influenced mine - he bought a handful of Beatles singles all those year ago. 

He endowed me with a love of cricket - summers will never be the same again.  His seat at Essex where he was once a member will remain forever empty.

He fostered my love of science, buying me books, putting up with my astronomy, fossil collecting, and anything else sciencey that came my way.

He picked me out of bed so I could watch Armstrong and Aldrin walking on a dusty world a quarter of a million miles from home.

He gave me laughs by the bucket load, with his bad jokes, his tricks and his enthusiasm for life.

I was truly blessed to have had his love, his encouragement, his patient parenting over all those years.

I miss him.


  1. My condolences on your loss, Catmando. Your articles are a wonderful testament allowing us all to know your father a little.

  2. Thank you, Sou. It has been a very hard time but at least my dad is now beyond suffering. I was truly lucky to have my father to nurture, guide and care for me and I hope I repaid some of my infinite debt to him in his last few weeks.

  3. My condolences as well.

    From an anonymous "lurker"

  4. Condolences. You've written a wonderful eulogy.