Sunday, 11 October 2015

Monckton's pause hesitates again

I'm linking to an earlier post that gives the details but in brief, Lord Monckton has fudged his starting point for the non-pause in global warming yet again.  Now he says February 1997.  It might soon have to be February 2016 if some predictions for the current El Nino come true.

Full story at

Monckton when he was plain Christopher, from about the time he says the "pause" started (date unknown then)


  1. The Pause, as Monckton refers to it, is a statistical construct defined as the longest period one can go back from the present that gives a Root Means Squared Linear Regression Trend of Zero. Naturally therefore the start date will fluctuate slightly as the present temperature fluctuates.

    1. But Monckton is portraying the "pause" as a physical reality. Thus there should be no wandering of the beginning. He hides his denialism behind the statistical significance point but he clearly intends his audience to believe there has been no warming, hence his cherry picking up sequences that fit his narrative. He loves to accuse scientists of fraud. He must have a hard time looking in the mirror each morning.