Monday, 16 December 2013

Open letter to Bob Tisdale

I note your angry rant on Watts Up With That.  I see it as another in a series of posturing but pointless open letters that find a circular filing cabinet at their destination and one of those thank you slips that tells you, in words of one syllable, to go forth. What did happen to that petition Monckton got up at WuWT?

Anyway, why should the producers of a TV show listen to you? Why should ey listen to me? They are a business and their main thought is profit. A few people with an axe (I'm British) to grind aren't going to change their minds.

One of your main objections is to "climate expert" Daniel Abbasi.  Perhaps he is, perhaps he isn't, but I'm not taking your word for it.

You see, my definition of climate expert relies on the idea that someone really has come up the hard way to reach the summit of climate science.  Not just someone who has spent an armchair thinking about it.

Thing is, Bob, I don't seem to be able to find out what you actually did for a living, what your qualifications really are and other than having a research interest, what reason I should choose to take what you say seriously.  I know that Lord Monckton and Willis Eschenbach have no qualifications in climate science.  I know that Anthony Watts is a weatherman for a little radio station in California and weather gear salesman (no conflict of interest there). And over at WUWT we have a range of engineers, park rangers, failed bankers and the like posting their incoherent (as a collection) of ideas on climate. Your thoughts turn up there too. So you must be happy in that company.

I know that many climate change pseudo-skeptics have no proper credentials in the area of climate science.  Nor do I. But I'm not pretending to save the world from the global climate conspiracy (sic) or anything of the kind. I'm just pointing out hypocrisy.

I hate hypocrisy and I hate fake bluster. The TV company wants to make a TV show you don't like e look of, well, so what. It's a free market, isn't it. They can make what they want.

Or is your complain like mine against What Doctors Don't Tell You? That perhaps the TV company should be better with the science. I bet they are, because you are not careful with the science and you have a proven track record of being very poor with criticism. In my moan about WDDTY the science is on my side as it is with climate change. You might not like the science but in the end it will be the evidence that gives us the answer. Since the last decade was the hottest on record, it gets harder and harder for you to deny what stares us in the face, those of us prepared to look.

Never mind. You will have a seond chance to koan when the series is broadcast. Or you could watch Ancient Aliens or whatever it's called. Complain about that please, if you are so concerned about science. Thought not.




  1. Interesting ad hominem attack letter. Please discuss the actual errors in Mr Tisdale's arguments and let us come to our own conclusions.

    1. I'll leave the science for you to find out. My comment is on the small minded arrogance of Tisdale's tedious letter.