Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dumb or what?


Lynne Habermacher Ritalin is high in fluoride. Also how many children suffer dyslexia who are not bad enough to be 'diagnosed'. I'm totally shocked at how many young people are dyslexic and are not aware of it, but they manage
This is from the What Doctors Don't Tell You facebook page, in a short thread about ADHD. 

Ritalin, as I am sure you know, is full, here is the structural formula.
For those non-chemists amongst you, most of the carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms are not indicated because it would make the diagram unwieldy and detract from the important functional groups.  But here is a clue for those keen to play spot the element.

C = carbon
H = hydrogen
N = nitrogen
O = oxygen
Cl = chlorine
Now let's play the game of spot the fluorine atom.  Yes, that's right.  Fluorine has the symbol F.  If you put your cross anywhere on the diagram at all, you lose.  There isn't any there.
It isn't hard to find out, if you try.  But I notice that those with alternative beliefs, in other words those that deny science in one form or another, don't really try to find out.  Some track down scientific papers but it would appear they don't read them properly, just cherry pick some conclusion or result and use that as a peg to hang their wrong belief upon. 
Booby prize, if you put a cross on the chlorine atom, you can have a millionth of a point for at least finding a fellow halogen.  

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