Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Is this the Reverend Richard S Courtney? (Possibly NSFW)

Richard S Courtney is a frequent commenter at WattsUpWithThat.  He has, in the past, had the letter Dr or PhD appended to his name but neither acronym is warranted.  He has neither.  But he does have some sort of clerical attribution, Methodist in his case, and he has a pretty foul mouth when it comes to what might be called science accepters, those people who look at the scientific evidence for climate change and find it compelling.  If you wish to cross his path, just point out a correct fact on WUWT, or tell him he's wrong.  Actually, you just have to accept AGW and breathe.  Those two things are enough to make his blood boil.

One easy way to show that he's wrong is his connection with the Cornwall Alliance. 

Anyway, can anyone verify that this is actual footage of Courtney practising his WUWT comments:

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