Monday, 14 September 2015

Denier letter at Daily Telegraph

Yesterday's Daily Telegraph contained this letter:

SIR – Lord Hutton says Britain should be phasing out fossil fuels to address climate change, with new nuclear power stations providing low-carbon energy.
As Britain is only responsible for about 1 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions, whatever we do to reduce the use of fossil fuels will have no detectable effect.
He also ignores studies that suggest there has been no rise in the global surface temperature for nearly 20 years, even though worldwide carbon dioxide emissions have been at record levels, mainly from developing nations such as India and China.
We should continue to burn coal in our existing power stations and start fracking for gas to help bridge the gap between now and the advent of new nuclear power stations.
James Allan
Fellow, Energy Institute (retd)

I've picked out in bold the bit I want to respond to.  The studies were ignored because they were wrong.  Thus James Allan is awarded the fossil fuel shill denier of the day award.  He is free to come and collect from Catmando Towers any time.


  1. James Allan is right. Calling him a denier is silly unless you a promoting a religion. If gas and oil heating boilers are banned as part of the ridiculous UK decarbonisation plan domestic heating bill will be four times what they are now and unaffordable. Carbon dioxide isan trace gas at 0.25% of the atmosphere. Climate change is real and driven by the same things that cause ice ages. We are coming to the end of a warming period so the temperature is slowly rising. At the end of the last one sea levels were 5 meters higher than today. Adaopt or die.

  2. The Carbon Dioxide apostles should admit that thrir delusion has lead to thepremature deaths of tens of thousands of UK city dwellers and damaged the health of many more as a result of their crazy choice to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by promoting the use of diesel engines rather than catalyzed petrol engines from about 2002 onwards. The toxic nature of diesel fumes has been well known since the 19600s. An apology would be appropriate. Greens kill you younger and make you poorer.