Monday, 27 July 2015

Letter from America

I apologise for my recent absence but I've been contending with a huge pre-summer workload, a bereavement and a kidney stone so I have had little time to spend on my wibblings.

But, never fear, Virgin Atlantic have managed to deliver myself, Mrs Catmando and our luggage to sunny Florida, for a fortnight's rest and recuperation.  Or at least that was the plan.

It has been scupper end by three things.  Firstly, I lost my expensive sunglasses somewhere which meant having to go out a buy a cheap replacement pair that I probably can't lose if I tried.  Secondly, the local branch of Barnes & Noble, the bookstore chain, had copies of the egregiously dangerous anti-medicine What Doctors Don't Tell You in its racks (so I covered it up and bought a book by Paul Offit instead).  Finally, the sun is barely visible because it is raining so hard.

It's a visible sign of El NiƱo.  Increased precipitation in the south east of the USA accompanied by cooler than usual temperatures.  A dampened on the holiday perhaps, but here's a prediction.  Those reliable deniers will start using the current weather to say I told you global warming was a hoax.  Give it time.

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