Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Courtier's Response

I have removed a site from my blog roll.  I did it because I have become fed up with the petulant attitude, the Victor Meldrew anger management issues and the lack of skepticism being shown on a number of matters by someone who claimed, a little while back, to be a true skeptic.  After bad taste and downright lack of serious thought, I've erased the site from my blog roll.

The host of that site won't be bothered by my defection.  What I care about is hypocrisy.  If someone says something you disagree with, acting like a teenager and throwing your teddy out of the pram doesn't look pretty.  So, Paul.  Sorry, you've thrown one teddy too many.  Stop acting like Willard Watts or throwing your weight around like Chrissy Boy Monckton.  Be skeptical.  Drop the  ideological concretion.  Consider that what others say might have some value.


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