Sunday, 16 March 2014

Now I'm confused - the incredibly useless denier scale

Apparently unfunny cartoonist Josh (aka Tosh in my house) reckons this (I'm using it to illustrate my point) makes understanding the climate controversy easier.
But it doesn't.

Activism is not at the far left end of the scale at the top.  Otherwise most of the bunch in the middle would be in that category.

And mitigation and adaptation are policies while policy on its own is meaningless. And adaptation doesn't necessarily mean spending less.  It probably means spending more, just that our grandchildren pick up the tab.

More rubbish, I'm afraid, from WUWT which is just what you'd expect.

So let's be honest and call it propaganda.

Updated to correct some spellings and change slight wording in the second set of brackets in the first sentence. 

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  1. I saw that and there was no logic to it at all.

    If deniers aren't activists then what the hell have they been doing all these years agitating for no mitigation, and in some cases not even adaptation.

    Another thing - why would you put "activism" on a scale labelled science? And why would you lump the anti-science crowd in the middle of a science scale? In fact what are they doing on the scale at all? They don't belong there.

    Finally, everyone with any sense knows it will cost a lot more to adapt without mitigation.

    Deniers sure are weird.