Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Giving up childish things...

I stopped believing in Father Christmas when he failed to bring me the one thing I most wanted in all the world: the 1/144th scale Airfix Saturn V.  No matter that I got it for my birthday a couple of months later.  The damage was done.
That was about 1971-2.  I can't be sure.  In 1994 I made the model again, this time with the benefit of paints and patience, and the fact I wasn't making a model that I would play with.  So I made it better, though not as well as some of the wonderful modellers could have made.  Try this site for some brilliant examples of spacecraft models.

Anyway, I've gone and bought the Saturn V model again, though this time I have bought the recently introduced Airfix Skylab variant.  It has the bits in it to mak the normal version, more or less, but I've only just begun and these days, with the eyes being a little less keen on small parts, it will take more patience and a set of new paint tins.  You see, having been to see the real thing in Florida (several times), I now want accuracy. 
I shall be looking over my holiday photos to check on the colours.  I took a pile of reference photos a couple of years back.  I'll keep you posted.

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