Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Return Of Lord Monckton

Bow before your master, plebeians, Lord Monckton, the 3rd viscount in the long dynasty going all the way back to the 1950s, has returned from his self-imposed exile in wherever and has decided to tell the learned folk of the American Geophysical Union where they have gone wrong. I am sure they are quaking in their boots. I am sure they are scared witless to be lectured by the extremely learned (classics something from Cambridge) peer whose previous error strewn pronouncements have been eviscerated well by those with the ability and time to track down the references (although he is pretty good with references, Monckton sometimes has to have them prised from his sticky fingers). But isn't that typical of deniers? They feel they have the right to lecture those scientists who do spend their time working on this problem, discussing it in the coffee breaks and dinner queues, attending real as opposed to phoney (Heartland?) conferences and becoming real experts. Sorry, Lord Monckton, I don't listen to a word you say unless I have checked it. Even the rounding up of pre-industrial levels of carbon dioxide betrays a sloppiness, at best, with the facts. Read the AGU statement on climate change for the real thing, supported by evidence and reason. Not the phoney version on WUWT rewritten by Monckton.

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